The TBB Founder’s Scholarship is awarded to an exceptional TBB tutor who has not only excelled at helping others in the community through tutoring, but has also possessed the qualities of TBB’s founder throughout his or her time with Tutoring Beyond Borders . Some of these qualities include leadership, motivation, thirst for knowledge and continuing education, as well as promotion of volunteerism throughout the community.

Congratulations to these award recipients!


2014 TBB Scholarship Emily

Emily’s passion for tutoring and helping others started when she was in high school. She struggled in her studies but was fortunate enough to obtain paid tutoring. Emily realized not everyone was this fortunate to obtain services such as tutoring so she decided to offer free tutoring to other high school students through a program called Student Aid and Learning Opportunities supported by the Organization of Latino/Latina American Students. After leaving Toronto to attend the University of Waterloo, she applied to volunteer with Tutoring Beyond Borders.

Emily has been with Tutoring Beyond Borders since 2013. She started as an Educational Manager, a University of Waterloo co-op student tasked with promoting TBB to the community while helping at least ten students on a regular basis. Upon completing her co-op term with TBB, Emily was promoted to Associate Vice President of Marketing, where she continued her hard work to promote TBB. Apart from this, she also continued tutoring several kids on a regular basis, helping them succeed in their classes and sharing her knowledge with others. In November 2011, Emily was promoted to Vice President of Marketing to help run the Marketing Department.

Apart from volunteering, Emily has taken on other extracurricular activities such as martial arts and is a member of some University of Waterloo clubs. She is currently completing her Bachelors degree in Honours Science.


2014 TBB Scholarship JobanjotJobanjot joined TBB in the early years of its inception. Since then, he has been a volunteer tutor and has taken on increasing responsibility in the Executive Team.

He is currently the Vice President of Technology where he is in charge of TBB’s website and online social networking media. Jobanjot is a powerful force in supporting our tutors’ online records and e-mails, maintaining our website, and promoting our organization through the World Wide Web.

Apart from being a member of the Executive Team and a TBB tutor, Jobanjot is also an Orientation leader, helping first years get accustomed to the university life. He also loves to play outdoor sports and actively participates in intramurals at the university.

Jobanjot will be graduating from University of Waterloo in 2015 with a BMath in Actuarial Science and Computer Science. He hopes to continue giving back to the community through various volunteer roles after graduation.


2013 TBB Scholarship Justin


2012 TBB Scholarship DeanaDeana has not only been a volunteer tutor for TBB since the year it began, but as TBB grew, she assumed the role of Vice President of Operations while continuing to tutor several students on a regular basis. During this time, she has been a driving force in helping the charity expand and succeed.

It doesn’t stop there! Apart from TBB, she has also been active around the community for many years,  gaining a variety of work and volunteer experience both in Kitchener-Waterloo and in school.

After graduating from the University of Waterloo in 2012, she applied to the Masters of Public Health program at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health of the University of Toronto and was one of the select few who were chosen for specialization in Occupational and Environmental Health.

Though she has many goals in mind, Deana approaches each experience with the same crucial mindset: learning as much as she can so she can apply her newfound knowledge to future careers and volunteer endeavours.