Why Join?

Anybody is welcome to apply as a volunteer. However, even though this is a volunteer position, being a tutor with Tutoring Beyond Borders does require certain skills in order to be accepted. Scroll down this page to see whether you have what it takes to become a volunteer tutor!

Once you are ready to apply, please read through our application process and submit your application online!



Front of TBB Uniform

Front of TBB Uniform

There are many benefits to becoming a volunteer tutor with TBB. Here are just a few:

  • FLEXIBLE scheduling! You get to choose how many students you want to tutor (1 hour per student per week).
  • Beef up your RESUME and gain tutoring experience!
  • MAKE A DIFFERENCE in helping students academically
  • Get your own TBB T-SHIRT and personalized E-MAIL ADDRESS
  • Apply for our SCHOLARSHIPS!
  • Gain certain PERKS AND FREEBIES from joining our tutoring team
  • Become a LEADER in your community!
  • Keep your tutoring skills SHARP
  • Gain RECOGNITION! You will be listed on our website as a TBB tutor, even after you retire
  • The longer you stay, the more chances you have of WORKING YOUR WAY UP the organization!
  • TAKE PRIDE in joining a dynamic not-for-profit organization that gives back to the community 100%
  • Open yourself to more CAREER OPPORTUNITIES!


In order to become a volunteer tutor with TBB, the requirements are as follows:

  • Be willing to work without any kind of remuneration
  • Academic Qualifications:
    • Be a university student with good academic standing in relevant subject area(s), or
    • Have a degree in relevant subject area(s), or
    • Have a teaching qualification in relevant subject area(s)
  • Fluent in the English language and have a good standard of English literacy and oral communication skills
  • Possess certain personal attributes suitable for a tutoring position: patience, reliability, responsibility, respect, compassion
  • Be able to obtain a Police Records Check for Service with the Vulnerable Sector
  • Pass an interview with a member of the Executive Team

Back of TBB Uniform

Back of TBB Uniform


Please check out our tutoring policies so that you know the do’s and don’ts for both students and tutors.

As a TBB Tutor, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Be committed to tutoring student(s) on a regular basis
    • Minimum one student
    • Time commitment of one hour per student per week
  • Use your TBB e-mail address for all communications related to TBB (especially with your students)
    • Check this e-mail frequently! Either check your e-mail directly or forward it to your personal e-mail so that you can stay in the loop.
  • Wear your TBB T-shirt uniform and I.D. badge for all Match-Up Meetings and tutoring lessons
  • Be on time and inform the student and Executive Team in advance if you are unable to attend a tutoring lesson
  • Be willing to try to find an answer for the students from other sources if you are unable to answer the student’s questions yourself
  • Have patience and carry a positive attitude when dealing with students who have a hard time grasping concepts
  • Respect the privacy of the student and do not disclose any personal information the student provides to you